Bird Tracking GPS

We develop bird tracking products adapting them to our customers needs. Our products transfer the collected data to our online web platform.

IoT GPS Device

These devices make use of the innovative IoT networks that allow wireless data transmission for several kilometers range without telecom contracts.

Our products use SigFox™ network. The coverage of the network can be checked in the following link.

Bird tracking products based on SigFox™;
(from 449€*)

* VAT and shipping costs not included

Common features for the available products:

  • Weight: 30 gr
  • Colors: White, black, grey
  • Antenna: Internal or external
  • Solar panel: extends the life of the battery depending on the climate
  • 500 GPS fixes without recharging the battery *
  • External antenna model size: 52 x 28 x 17 mm
  • Internal antenna model size: 60 x 28 x 17 mm
* Ask us the possibilities to increase the number of GPS fixes.

WimbiSF model

  • GPS fix acquisition with programmable periods with a maximum of 140 GPS fix every day.
  • The GPS fixes aren’t recovered when the bird is out of the coverage area.

WimbiSF Plus model

  • GPS fix acquisition with programmable periods with a maximum of 50 GPS fix every day.
  • Include recovery Plus technology to manage the recovery of missing GPS fixes. This mode increases the probability of obtaining a successful GPS fix transmission.

Online Web Platform

Web Platform

The GPS fixes obtained by our products are sent to our online platform, where it is possible to visualize and download the data of your projects. The features of the platform are:

  • Organize data by project
  • Manage users by project
  • Different roles for project participants
  • Download a customized CSV
  • Visualize the GPS fixes in the map
  • Filter the GPS fixes by date and bird
  • Data are always available while the project is in progress