Consultancy services

Thanks to our skills with advanced sensors, innovative wireless technologies and ultra low power solutions we provide consultancy services to support companies in the progress to digitalization toward the Industry 4.0.

In WimbiTek we use the Scrum methodology and fast prototyping techniques in our developments. Thanks to this approach, we quickly put together our results with our customers expectations in order to improve the provided solutions as fast as possible.

A highly qualified team

Custom projects

Our Ph D. and engineer´s team provide an advanced technological solution for each customers requirement.

Technical feasibility studies

We study the technical feasibility of any idea in order to determine which are the real prospects of developing them.

Technical training for companies

We offer technical training to companies in any of our expertise domains not only in courses but also in speech format.

For more information contact with us.

Technological experience

Routing in wireless sensor networks (WSN)

Experts in self-configurable, energy efficient and fault tolerant WSN protocols.

Fault tolerant dynamic distributed systems

Design of fault tolerant, efficient and totally dynamic protocols for distributed systems.

Virtualization and Abstraction of Sensors

We generate context information using data sources from different sensors in real time.

Rapid prototyping

We have developed frameworks that allow us to obtain functional applications in short time.


We ease the communications between the different services conforming the system.

Wireless communications

We have expertise in a variety of wireless protocols. From SigFox™ or Lora to satellite communications.

Human-Computer Interaction

The usability and user experience is taken into account when designing a service or a product.

Low-power solutions

We develop low power solutions using efficient software and hardware.

Energy harvesting

We develop solar powered autonomous devices which provide a service without interruptions.

Designing printed circuits

We design printed circuit boards according to the requirements of our customers.

3D Printing

We create custom encapsulation for our products using 3D SLA printers.


Thanks to our previous experience, we can design small and lightweight devices.