Coming Soon! (February 2019)

We are working on the website to add the information of our new products. Among them you can find logistics trackers and BRIoT, The Blockchain Ready solution for Internet of Things.

  • System monitoring experts

    Highly qualified team. Cutting edge designs in Wireless Sensor Networks, sensor data acquisition, energy-efficient device creation and data visualization.

  • Company digitalization

    Supporting companies towards Industry 4.0.

  • Bird tracking products

    IoT devices for geolocalizing birds. Location gathering and visualization service in real time.

Tracking products

We provide wildflife tracking devices. The GPS fixes are transmited to our online platform in real time. Our devices offer traditional functionalities and make use of IoT networks to recover collected data. For more information click here.


We work together with companies along the process of design and development wireless devices. From collecting information to its eventual routing toward the cloud. Additionally, we identify new valuable services in the companies. For more information click here.


We maintain a R+D+i line in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. The conducted research has a direct application into our products. For more information about WimbiTek’s research lines click here.

Collaborate and support